Volvo Plant – Time to Pressure Local and State Officials for Answers

Volvo Plant – Time to Press Local Leaders and State Officials for Answers


The announcement is now official.  The Volvo plant is going right across the bridge in Berkley County South Carolina.  Reading through the initial comments from Volvo officials and officials in South Carolina explaining why they located in South Carolina there is irony in the comments and answers; Wanting to be near automotive suppliers, work force and work force training, wanting to be close to the “water” (port city)…. That last comment was also made by Caterpillar explaining why they located near Athens (really???).

I would like to hear from leaders at SEDA, as the primary development authority in our area, state officials at Industry and Trade and our elected officials.  How refreshing it would be to hear concrete, factual and direct reasons why our market fell short on this deal.  More specifically information gathered through a post decision interview.  I do not believe anything like this has been made available to the general public in the past.  I certainly hope that it is being done.

We are ready for true leadership.  I am ready for someone to get these answers and share them with us and THEN tell us the plan to get better.  We are lucky to have a few terrific, large manufactures in this area.  Unfortunately, only a few.  We are only one downsizing away from a significant economic hardship.

Reach out to your leaders at SEDA and our local elected officials and ask for these answers.  We cannot start working on solutions until we know the problems.


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