Redevelopment Means Growing Pains… Again — We do not mind

Economic Growth, Redevelopment & Expansion =

Growing Pains

We have all noticed the increased traffic in Chatham County.  Whether you are heading out of town, coming into town, or simply driving around town (can you say redevelopment and economic growth?).  I recall not to long ago when traffic mid week used to be at least bearable.  Well, that seems to have faded into the sunset so to speak.  But you know?  I am Okay with this.

train on presidentThe Great Recession (I do believe that is how it will be referred to in the future)  was quite a tough one.  There were many factors that made it one of the worst in history.  It took down many, many people, companies and investors.  Not just the new/younger inexperienced one but those that had made it through other tough times over the previous 25 years.  Now that all sectors of the economy seem to be firing away we can expect there to be inconveniences that come along with the growth.  Let’s first focus on the positive and the growth.

If you have spent anytime in Downtown Savannah over the past several months you can’t help to notice all the people….. everywhere!  It is truly exciting to see this vibrancy and the effect on our local businesses.  The Broughton Street Collection being developed by Ben Carter out of Atlanta, GA is going to elevate the shopping experience to even higher levels.  I believe there will be a renewed appreciation for our talented local retailers and the unique shopping experience they bring to the table.  The new national brands coming to town will help solidify Savannah as a great retail shopping destination and will present even more opportunity for these local brands.

Savannah is home  to one of the busiest and most successful ports in the U.S.  thanks to the tremendous work the Georgia Ports Authority has put into planning and implementing growth measures.  Significant planning and implementation efforts have gone into staying ahead of the growth.  There will always be room for improvement but I comforted knowing that the GPA is constantly planning for the future through coordination and cooperation with other public agencies and municipalities.

With all that said, I know many have felt the pain of drivers or property owners in this article. 

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