Harbor Deepening Savannah–Is Dredging Enough?

W. Lynn Beam, Associate Broker, PIER Commercial Real Estate

The Georgia Ports Authority is on the verge of benefiting from many years of patient, hard work and due diligence. The Savannah River is going to be dredged to allow Post Panamax container ships into the Port of Savannah at all tides. This will maintain Savannah as one of the premier ports in the United States and a world player in container logistics. The question remains, “Is dredging enough”?

Even larger container ships are presently being built that will more than triple the size of the largest Post Panamax vessels. What does this mean to Savannah? At the present, really nothing. These ships are being used between Asia and Europe. To visit the United States infrastrucure everywhere would have to be dramatically updated.

Savannah has just completed years of exhaustive studies and complied with every legality on the federal, state and local government levels. They have had to satisfy any and all environmental groups from all parts of the country.

So is harbor deepening in Savannah enough? For the immediate future, I would say yes but other plans for infrastructure updgrades need to continue to be pushed and moved forward to accomodate the potential increase in container flow into and out of the Port.

We should be proud to be able to benefit from the hard work of the GPA. Considered one of the top assets of Georgia, they have provided a wonderful place to work and raise our families.

W. Lynn Beam is an associate broker with PIER Commercial Real Estate.  Prior to moving to Savannah, Lynn was one of the top industrial real estate brokers in Atlanta, GA while with King Industrial.  Please email Lynn with any questions or comments.

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